Safe and Secure Data Management

Safe and secure data management is critical to business operations. Data management and protection is critical to business operations.

It is important to first define the types of information you collect from customers, employees and any other sources. This is important, because you can then update data storage and security policy to account for each type of information.

Next, you must identify and categorize sensitive data in such a way as to make it difficult to access or manipulate. A data discovery engine can be used to scan your filesystem and report on the data types.

You can create an Access Control Policy for your data once you’ve identified the type. This will ensure only those people who need access to the information do so. This can help limit the damage that a hacker can cause, especially when using an employee’s username or password to gain access to your information.

Lastly, you should make sure to backup copies of your information in multiple locations. This way, you can easily recover it if necessary. This helps protect your data in a number of ways, including from hardware failures or electrical surges.

Follow these steps in order to protect your data: 1. Perform Data Mapping. This will help you determine the types and importance of the data you have stored. Backup your data and store it at different but equally secure locations2. Delete data that’s no longer needed or is no longer being used.

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