SUPEREX FR (Flame Retardant)


India’s 1st  REACH and RoHS Compliant Cable  |  Flame Retardant Cable.

  • REACH, ROHS, CE and CPR Compliant
  • Anti-Rodent, Anti-Termite
  • 100% Electrolytic Copper
  • More than 101% Conductivity



Suitable for wiring in all types of residential and commercial infrastructure, where fire and electrical safety is utmost important.

Technical Data

Approvals : IS 694 marked, FIA/TAC
Voltage Grade : Up to and including 1100V
Conductor : Thin strands of electrolytic copper are multi-drawn for uniformity of resistance, dimension and flexibility. The strands are twisted with high precision to impart circularity for the conductor.
Insulation : Specially formulated flame retardant PVC insulation is used. The FR property retards the propagation of flame without compromising safety.
Insulation Conformity : IS 5831, Type A/D FR 70oC
Colours : Red, yellow, blue, black, green, grey & white
Marking : The cables are printed with marking of ‘SUPEREX FR’ from 1 Sq. mm to 4 Sq. mm & “RR KABEL FR” for all other sizes.
Packing : 90 mtr. coil is packed in protective cartons upto size 6 Sq. mm. Project packing of 180 mtr. also available.

Cable Design Parameters

Please complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘xx’) for the colour required:
01 – green, 02 – black, 03 – red, 04 – blue, 05 – yellow, 06 – grey, 07 – white.

*Conductor as per IS 8130

** Insulation  Type D as per IS 5831