A Revolutionary Piping System with Expansion Ring Technology

Astral Pex-a PRO, a next generation hot and cold plumbing system is made of cross-linked polyethylene pipes. The cross linking technology is a process where polyethylene molecules form links between the polymeric chain, making it the next generation plumbing system with futuristic capabilities and characteristics. Astral Pex-a PRO system is based on expansion ring technology. The pipes and fittings are joined with simple applications of expansion using the plastic memory of the Pex-a PRO pipes. This unique joining system provides water tight, compact and recessed system with leak protection, easy renovation and chemical-free installation. The Pex-a PRO plumbing system can also be installed using manifold hydraulic system, which provides a distribution element in a special wall mount cabinet, which supplies all draw-off points, which are connected and controlled individually. The manifold combined with pipe-in-pipe system ensures easy repair and maintenance as well as leak protection.

Standards & Specifications

  • ISO 15875-1 – Plastic Piping System for hot and cold water installations – Cross Linked Polyethylene (PE-X) – Part: 1 General
  • ISO 15875-2 – Plastic Piping System for hot and cold water installations – Cross Linked Polyethylene (PE-X) – Part: 2 Pipes

Components of the Pex-a PRO System

  • Pex-a pipes – Astral Pipes uses the best high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and the most advanced peroxide cross-linking technology in order to offer high performing PEX-a pipes. Astral’s modern technology is based on the well-known peroxide cross-linking process (PEX-a), while using the latest high power infrared ray ovens.
  • Plastic Rings – The use of plastic rings, manufactured by injection moulding using special high-tech polymers, enables to offer better dimensional precision in the rings that, together with a pipe stopping system, facilitates the assembly process. The rings are available in three different colours (red, blue and white) so you can make the pipelines easily identifiable.
  • Brass / PPSU Fittings – The Astral PEX-a PRO system exclusively uses high quality brass (CW617N alloy), which complies with the most demanding EU sanitary standards. The PEX-a PRO system is also available with PPSU (Poly Phenyl Sulfone) fittings, which are one of the highest quality plastic fittings for hot & cold water plumbing system. By using PPSU fittings, full plastic piping system is possible, without compromising any hydraulic properties.

Types of Installation

  • Distribution with single connection
  • Tee connection
  • Pipe-in-pipe connection
  • Ceiling installation

Available Sizes

1.6 cm, 2.0 cm, 2.5 cm, 3.2 cm

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